ZPL – Zero Parameter Living

What is Zero Parameter Living?

In simplest terms, Zero Parameter Living is a change system that gives the operator control over the limiting beliefs they have been conditioned to operate under; eliminating the old and purposefully positioning new resourceful parameters. Parameters can be limiting beliefs that have you acting out limiting behaviors.

Zero Parameter Living uses Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic methods of representing, re-interpreting, removing & installing resourceful parameters in your life & business.

Your “perspective” when eliciting & removing limiting beliefs & installing resourceful beliefs can & needs to be of a conscious choosing in order for you to perceive & utilize particularly unique perspectives in a congruent manner.

Once you open a door & once you step into the room that is outside your “box house” things will change, your thoughts change, you will change (Neuro-Plasticity), though at what levels and how? With this knowledge you can calibrate & fine tune your personal evolution & dramatically increase your value in your career.

Discovering existing and creating diverse “Time Frames” of & for your parameters. Interpreting these fresh new perspectives of parameters are keys to unlocking controlling methods and programs you can use to be the one and only master of your mental landscape, increasing productivity while executing it in less time.

Guiding clients through a particular buying process where you lead them or you let them lead you into a comfortable arena where your negotiation can take place. All of this you control as your privy to a full perspective of the mental battle ground. A grounds where you can “Lead” your client or meet in the middle for tea at your chosen time.

Re-framing and Framing the context and content. Creating what is possible & effective towards attaining your goals and what is possibly different from your original framing & how you can use this knowledge to progressively benefit your company & yourself.

Framing obstacles as stepping-stones, and manipulating your mental landscape to serve you and work most in your favor.

These are just some of the capabilities you will have if you choose to take on Zero Parameter Living as you will naturally realize and feel the positive effects starting to enhance your career and life. In the beginning of coaching you will realize you can easily cause change in people.

Effortlessly you can move forward in your career and increase the value in your respective business when you apply Zero Parameter Living now; or when you just feel you are ready to make that shift that is unique among success minded people who are ready to reach their next level.

Simply click on Contact Us, book a consultation and get started today!

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